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SCENE 1: Why does Jigen give me Orochimaru-esque vibes!?
Thick tubing is dipped into these open vases.

We see faceless and naked guys suspended in what looks like IV-bags.

There’s three ports on the bottom of their liquid bags.

About a dozen body bags are hanging from the ceiling thingy!

They’re hanging from the ceiling like a strange jellyfish chandelier (?)

Kiddie-Kawaki is following Jigen closely from behind. He looks up and sees all the bodies.

Amado (kinda looks like Steve Jobs with rectangular thick-framed glasses?) asks if the kid is the last one of them.

Jigen asks Amado to do him the favour.

Jigen kneels down beside kiddie-Kawaki and holds his left hand.

Jigen calls Kawaki “One of my own precious children”, and that Kawaki won’t be “empty” anymore if their relationship progresses into one of a real parent-and-child. (IS THIS NOT CREEPY?!)

If they do become like that, Jigen will even give Kawaki a special present!

Jigen already has that suspicious diamond mark on his chin, BTW.

One vase starts to crack. It explodes.

SCENE 2: Hospital Wing (PG 8)
Kawaki wakes back up in present day. Half naked and bandaged on his right shoulder.

Shikamaru, Konohamaru, and Naruto are standing at the foot of his bed.

Naruto tells Kawaki to relax. He’s in a safe place.

Of course, Kawaki tries to make a break for it through the window.

But Shikamaru paralyses him while Kawaki’s got one foot on the ledge.

Naruto introduces himself to Kawaki as the Hokage. Kawaki is back in the hospital bed.

SCENE 3: Suddenly a Go-Kage Meeting!? (PG 16)
Shikamaru objects to Naruto personally babysitting Kawaki.

He could be a planted spy and dangerous.

‘Kara’ will come after to retrieve him sooner or later too.

Naruto says that’s fine. He’s the most capable of handling it.

Ordinary he should be confined in jail, despite being a kid.

Naruto reminisces about how the Sandaime looked after him since he had Kurama sealed into his belly. He understands the feeling of being isolated and confined too.

The purpose was to protect the people from Naruto back then since they thought he was too dangerous.

But anyway, Shikamaru says this issue extends beyond just Konoha’s affairs. It’s not only Naruto’s decision.

Katasuke tells all of the assembled Kage about his findings about Kawaki’s body. (I have quoted my translation below):

…As stated before, extremely small scientific ninja weaponry have been detected throughout his entire body.

It seems as though those things are causing unique changes on the cellular level…

The flesh of his body undergoes rapid cellular division, which causes it to swell.

So even in an instant, it’s feasible for his tissues to undergo sclerosis as well as malacia.

[T/N] Sclerosis is the medical term for the abnormal hardening of soft tissue, while malacia is the abnormal softening of soft tissue.

Though Katasuke isn’t sure about how the two are associated (Ninjatech + cell bio)

Or even about how his ‘Karma’ seal can negate jutsu.

Naruto proposes to watch over him all the time.

Of course, he’s using Kage-Bunshin to be at Kawaki’s bedside at the same time as the meeting is happening~

Everyone is unanimous about letting Naruto take custody over Kawaki though because they sympathize with his experience of being confined as a Jinchuriki.

Perhaps with Boruto having the same seal as him will make Kawaki open up to them.

Single page of Boruto standing on top of a pillar and staring at his palm, wondering what’s going on.

Kawaki’s being rude and asks Naruto where he’s being taken. They’re casually walking in the street.

Naruto tells him that they’re heading home together! Kawaki will be living together with them for a while.

In fact, Hinata’s food is so delicious, Kawaki better look forward to it!

Suddenly Naruto looks back and sees that Kawaki’s made a break for it again.

Kawaki goes straight away on top of rooftops and such to get away.

Lol~ Of course, Naruto catches up with him and stands in his way in the alley. It surprises Kawaki.

Can’t even be considered a “Pre-meal exercise”

Hinata serves tea to Naruto and Kawaki. She tells Kawaki to make himself feel at home.

Naruto asks simple question: What’s Kawaki’s name again?

Kawaki is not having it. He yells about him not being a member of ‘Kara’ and that he doesn’t have any intel to give.

(Lots of Asshole//Temee from now on!)

Naruto is trying to coax him into talking, saying that he won’t able to protect Kawaki from those pursuers if he won’t tell him more about himself.

Kawaki retorts that Naruto is just using him as bait. He doesn’t think they’ll fall for it.

Kawaki surveys his surroundings. Two people around him, and then Himawari peering into the room from the hallway.

Two exits. Maybe he should break out through the garden?

Naruto remarks that Boruto should be coming home soon.

And then kawaka straight up flips a table onto Naruto with one hand!!

* (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
The flower vase that was on the table falls to the floor and shatters.

Boruto enters one of his chakra modes (I think it is the same as the one from the Boruto movie? Don’t quote me on this).

Naruto basically is daring Kawaki to try and escape. He swears he won’t hurt Kawaki, but that his duty is to protect the village.

Kawaki is in awe of Naruto’s power.He think’s that Naruto might even be more powerful than Jigen.

Kawaki resigns that it’s useless to try and escape.

Naruto has to reset the table by hand (lol~~)

Of course, he’s shocked to see Kawaki in the living room…lol~~

Naruto calmly explains that Kawaki will be living together with them for a while.

Boruto is pretty miffed about it.

And then he sees that Himawari’s vase is broken!

It’s something that Himawari made and gave to Hinata for her birthday.

Naruto tries to explain that there was a little mishap and it happened to get broken from the fight from earlier…

Kawaki is lounging in a chair and is trying to brush it off when Boruto confronts him about it.

Isn’t this your home, you asshole… // Relax…

What did you just say to me!!?

Boruto grabs Kawaki up by the collar of his jacket and gets all up in his face.

Boruto yells at him, asking if that’s how Kawaki should be greeting and behaving in their household. Especially since they’re helping him out, right?

Kawaki is SAVAGE AF.

You’re stretching out my clothes, you know…

Let go…

Hinata tries to intervene, but Naruto asks her not to. Let the two of them figure it out.

Himawari looks so sad, picking up the shards of her vase… Kawaki watches her.

Kawaki kinda half-apologizes… Saying he didn’t mean anything bad by it.

And then we get this really hilarious exchange on the last page as they finally greet one another:

…I’m Kawaki.

You shithead…

And then the response back:
I’m Boruto…!

Remember [what you’ve done], you freeloader…!!

END PREVIEW BLURB: A confrontation between the two of them!! Next chapter will be released on 9/22 in WSJ #43!!

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